Completed Research and Developement Projects

  1. Heat reclamation for air conditioners
    developement of the "TWINSPIRAL" heat exchanger

  2. Oxygen input into lakes
    low energy system with a more than tenfold efficiency compared to state of the art methods

  3. Fighting toxic caynobacteria (blue green algae)

  4. Mechanical sludge treatment
    Methods to get to higher concentrations

  5. Flotation von bio sludges
    Optimisation of the "saturator"
    (Dissertation Z. Tan)

  6. Sludge thickening with a hydro cyclone

  7. Polymeric additives for improved settling and filtration (polyacrylamide)

  8. Oil separtion from water

  9. Generation of tiny air bubbles

  10. Oxygen input into water with plunging jets

  11. Hold up time in systems of cascades

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